Welcome To Our House

Checking us out for the first time?  Well here’s the quick highlights of who we are and what we do.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Who are we?

We are a youth athlete development facility, which means we work with athletes from 6 year old on up.

What do we offer?

For 9-14 year olds we offer our General Athlete Development Program which builds upon coordination and movement, and layers in strength, speed, agility, and conditioning training.

For High School and younger elite athletes, we offer our Athletic Training And Conditioning (ATAC) program.  This program is more of an athletic specific training program where we work with the athlete to become a stronger, faster, more powerful and injury resistant athlete.

Both our General Athlete Development Program and ATAC Program take into consideration the athlete’s sport and where they are in the sport season to make sure we are giving the athlete exactly what they need without impacting their sport performance.

How Does It Work?

All new athletes can sign up for our 3 Week Tryout and Assessment Program.

 I’m Ready to Sign Up for my 3 week Tryout & Assessment!!

During the 3 week period, athletes can attend as often as they choose and will go through our Training Preparation Phase as well as movement and strength assessments to help us develop the most approriate program for your athlete.

Why Red Zone Training?

First, we specialize in Youth Athletes.  How many facilities do you know that mainly work with kids.  Most places use youth programs as secondary revenue streams, not us.  What does that mean?  That means that we know how to work with youth athletes, we don’t throw adult training programs onto a growing, developing athlete.  We have several athletes who have been with us for almost 6 years.

Still Not Convinced?

Read our Blog to get a better idea of how we think and train. We typically only post our larger newsletters on the blog, so for lots more information regarding youth athletic training you should sign up for our newsletter below.

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Call, email or come in and ask all the questions you want.  If you come in ask any of our athletes or their parents what they think of us! 😉

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