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All prospective athletes wanting to train with Red Zone Training will first need to go through our 3-Week Tryout and Assessment.  This 3-week period serves 3 purposes.

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First, it gives us a chance to evaluate your athlete to see where they are physically, mentally and emotionally.  We don’t like single day tryouts since any athlete could be having a really good day or a really bad day.  We want to see them multiple times to give us a good sense of who they are individually, so we know how we can help them individually.

Second, it gives you and your athlete a chance to try us out with minimal costs and no strings attached.  Just as your athlete can be having a really good day or really bad day, their perspective could be altered by how they feel and thus their attitude towards athlete development and Red Zone Training.  We want both you and your athlete to have a real understanding of what we do here and often that is best met by attending several sessions.

Third, any good athlete development, strength or speed training program will have a prep phase to allow the athlete to prepare to train effectively as well as minimizing risk of injury.  Just as each workout has a warm-up, each training program should have a prep phase.  Since the prep phase is usually general in nature, the low cost of the 3-week tryout and assessment, makes it cost effective for you.

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What Can You Expect From The Training Sessions?

During the first week of your 3-week tryout and assessment you can expect to be here around 45-60 minutes.  Athletes will go through movement and activation training before moving into foundational strength movements.

Will Your Athlete Lift Weights?

Initially no, as the warm-up is mainly body weight in nature.  As they progress to the strength portion of their training session, resistance bands and some weights are layered in a little if the athlete is ready for them.

ALL of our athletes at some point will use weights in their training.  What they do and how much they use is completely determined by each athlete.  We take into consideration age, sport, and mastery of movements when determining what an athlete may use weights for and how much.  Our goal with them is NOT to make them great weight lifters, nor do we do bodybuilder exercises.  We use weights to illicit the strength they need for their sport.

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will not stunt your athletes growth. Often times the weight they use is less than what their body experience via running, jumping, changing directions or attempting push ups.  Most injuries occur because the body is not strong enough to absorb or control forces it experiences.

Speed Training

At Red Zone Training, we work on speed a little differently than most places.  We don’t do all the fancy drills, most of which have nothing to do with actual speed.  Instead, we focus first on getting the speed the body already is able to produce, before we work on trying to develop more.  The reason is two-fold; first if the body is not already using the speed it is capable of, trying to force even more out of it is pointless as there is a reason the body is not allowing the athlete to tap into its current abilities.  Second by focusing on bringing out the speed the body already is capable of, we develop all the other systems needed as well, i.e., balance, control, agility, injury resistance.

Once we are able to get the body moving efficiently we work on agility and acceleration, in that order.  We want to make sure that the athlete continues to move efficiently and effectively while at the same time learning to move quicker and with more proficiency.

During most sports, athletes rarely hit top speed and instead spend most of their time accelerating and decelerating so doesn’t it make sense that that type of training is focused on instead of top end speed?  We do and that is why we train the way with this philosophy.

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