How To Find Time To Train

“Action express priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

How often do we put something off with the reason being we don’t have time?  Then we tell ourselves, “I need to find time to do….”. Ironically I was inspired to write this while I was listening to a podcast while brushing my teeth.  You see, I was trying to find time to get caught up listening to about a 100 podcasts that are queued up and waiting for me to go through.  Even more strange was the fact that I was listening to a Christian podcast talking about making time versus finding time.  Time is such a universal commodity that its constraints are felt by everyone.

Personally I struggle with time.  There just isn’t enough time in the day for me.  Or is there?  I tell myself all the time that I need to find time to do this, that or the other; to the point that I am listening to podcasts while getting ready in the morning, making breakfast, and driving to work.

While that is one way to find time, certain things can not be accomplished as easily as listening to a podcast.  Take training for instance.  I can’t really deadlift while brushing my teeth and working on aerobic capacity is not very feasible while I’m trying to drink my coffee.  This is where finding time is not the answer.  The problem is I’m searching for an answer to a question when really I need to be asking myself a different question.

If you watch TV, get on Facebook, play video games, get your nails done, meet people for coffee, or volunteer at your kids school; you have time, you just choose to use it for something else.  This doesn’t mean you are wasting time, as volunteering for anything is a noble use of time and the friend you are meeting for coffee could be going through a rough time in their life.  The point is we have time.  We don’t need to find time, we need to use it differently.

Health and fitness take time.  Working out/Training takes time.  Meal planning and food prep take time.  Having a house takes time.  Work takes time.  Kids take time.  Laundry, takes up way more time that in should!  So how do you balance all of it and still focus on being healthy and improving your fitness?  That is the question we should be asking ourselves.

Recently I have had two women, who train with my morning women’s group, get part time jobs.  Both of them looked for and took jobs that did not interfere with their morning training times.  Their health and fitness is a priority so they made time for it.  Obviously this won’t work for everyone, but that’s not the point.  The point is they made time for something they thought was important.

Last summer I had a swimmer who had double and triple practices come in between practice almost everyday.  They did this because they knew their bodies needed to do some recovery work to get them ready for their next practice.  They didn’t go home and play video games, or go hang out with friends.  They came in, got what they needed done, went home and ate, took a nap and got ready for the next practice.  This is probably why they got the swim scholarship they were trying to get.  They made time to do the things they needed to do to achieve their goals.  So how does one make time?

Both my women’s group and my athletes made time by making it a priority.  So if health and fitness, or athletic development like speed/agility and getting stronger are important to you then you have to make it a priority as we tend to make time for things that we consider a priority, which is why it seems most people don’t do laundry until they are close to having nothing to wear.  Doing laundry isn’t a priority until you don’t have clean clothes to wear.  Strength work isn’t a priority until you get hurt.  Speed work isn’t a priority until people start passing you by.  When we don’t have priorities, we will fill up time with other stuff.  It may be good and/or productive like volunteering or it may be wasteful like just watching TV.

So instead of looking to find time, find ways to make time by figuring out your goals.  Once you have your goals set, make them a priority by setting aside time to work on meeting those goals.

So what is your goal?  What is something you want to achieve that you are putting off under the guise of not having time?  I bet if you really looked at it, you have the time you need.  Whether or not you want to sacrifice the things that are currently occupying your time is only something you can determine.  If you have a goal, make it a priority and then make time for it, don’t wait around trying to find time for.

Thank you for trusting us with your athlete and we hope this helps in some way

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