Change This One Thing To Make A Huge Impact

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” – Robin S.Sharma, author; The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Recently we changed some of our warm up exercises so our athletes have had to learn a few new things.  Several athletes have had issues with remembering what the words on the board represent.  The other day, one athlete asked me what several of the warm up exercises were.  I asked her, “How can you not remember this?  You are here twice a week and most of the stuff is the same, just in a different order.”

They said to me, “I don’t know why I don’t remember it.  How do I remember it so I don’t forget?”  I told them, “Show Up.”  They said, “I do, I come twice a week.”
I explained to her, “That’s not what I mean.  When you Show Up, you are present, you are focused, you are mindful of what you are doing.”

This time of year, is especially difficult for a lot of athletes, long seasons are winding down, others are starting up, school has been wearing on everyone, and summer is right around the corner.  Although we get a lot of athletes coming in, fewer and fewer Show Up this time a year.

Most of the athletes will tell you I’m pretty laid back.  My goal is to help them see the importance that athlete development will have on their sport and I choose to do this by encouraging them, guiding them, and letting them find their way.  So when athletes don’t Show Up like they should it would be rational for you to assume that I would give them some more leeway.  You would be 100% wrong.

This time of year my patience wears thin more easily, (not for new athletes since they are still often trying to find how everything fits together and how it will make them better) because not showing up is a habit that will take you farther from your goals.

Not being focused, not being present, not being mindful leads to athletes getting lazy, getting complacent, getting passed by the competition or getting hurt.  This is the time when being more laid back as a coach pays off.  I’ve built trust with the athletes, they know that I want what’s best for them, not what looks the coolest, and not to stroke my own ego; so when I start raising my voice or threatening to sit them during their session, they typically respond.

With summer break coming up, we get a lot of our athletes back who have had to take a break because their schedule is tight, and we get a lot of our current athletes coming in more often.  Summer is one of the few times a lot of our athletes can get in consistently, so we NEED them to show up and walking through the door only means you have arrived for your training session.  Whether you Show Up or not remains to be seen.

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