New technique to get stronger and faster in as little as 5 minutes

“Patience, persistence and perspiration, make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napolean Hill

Are you looking for instant results??

Well too bad, it isn’t possible.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this post gets opened by twice as many people as any of our other posts, and it goes to show you how impatient we have become.  How impatient you ask?  Well the fact that Amazon will be rolling out same day delivery in some areas speaks volumes.

When it comes to speed, power, and/or strength, these are not things that you can achieve overnight.  These abilities take patience and time to develop.

More than we would like to see, an athlete will come in for a 3 week tryout, assessment and prep phase, only to not “see” a big change in strength or speed.  You think?  Being that we are working on getting the body properly prepared to train, means we are working on mobility, stability, connective tissue strength, etc.  It’s unfortunate, because we finally get them ready to go and then they stop.  Unfortunately, it’s not always the athlete, it’s the overzealous parent.  If you have come in and talked to us about what you or your coach thinks the athlete needs to work on, more than once during the 3 week trial and then didn’t stay on after, you might be who I am talking about. (Go ahead and unsubscribe if you feel offended, we won’t and honestly we are probably not the athlete development specialists you are looking for.)

For those of you still reading, first thanks; second, if your athlete hasn’t even hit puberty yet, then I hate to break it to you, a lot of strength and speed isn’t going to show up right away.  There is a lot more to being an athlete than absolute strength or speed.  Injury prevention, stability, mobility, aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, and removal of dysfunction are all things that can be improved so that when strength and power do come over time, it won’t be a detriment to your athlete.

If you want to see a quick video of what too much power and no control look like then check out this quick YouTube video

Wait for the second car. SMH.

Everyone wants to be the next Steph Curry, Carli Llyod, Buster Posey, Sonny Gray, Khalil Mack, or NaVarro Bowman, but how many of you want to put the time in that they have in the gym?  For every hour you watch them on tv they have probably spent 5-10 hours working smarter and harder, but you don’t see that.