Specializing in Elementary, Middle and High School Athletes in San Ramon since 2008.  Speed, Strength, Sport Performance and Injury Resistance Training, so your athletes can play harder, longer, and recover quicker.

General Athlete Development (G.A.D) Program

Our G.A.D Program is designed to build the foundation that all athletes need in order to become elite athletes.  By focusing speed, strength, Sport Performance and injury resistance, we can more effectively improve performance and conditioning of our athletes.

Coaches take into consideration each athletes sport as well as where they are in their season to make sure we are giving them what is appropriate at the right time without impacting their sports performance.  Athletes work on building strength and stability, mobility and flexibility, speed and power in a manner that suits their sport and needs.

We use resistance training in many forms to obtain the elicit responses we are looking for.  Although we use weights and resistance of all implements, the use of such weight is solely based off the athletes ability to demonstrate technique and control. We do not train athletes to be high level weight lifters, we are here to make your athletes better.  Our program puts safety of metrics, because you can’t get better if you are hurt.

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A.T.A.C. Program (1 on 1 Training)

Our Advanced Training and Conditioning Program is a comprehensive and progressive athletic development and sports performance program, where the athlete will work on athletic strength and power, speed and agility, conditioning, mobility and flexibility, as well as educating the athlete, and empowering them to start taking charge and control of their body.

Our athletes focus on mastery of skill development needed for speed, strength and power training for advanced athletic development.  This program is for High School athletes as well as focused and committed younger athletes.