"We enrolled our 12 yr old son in Red Zone in order to keep him active during the summer when he took some time off from sports.    We were new to Red Zone and not sure what to expect, but were happy to give it a try.   In short, I highly recommend this!   Jason and the team have been exceptional.    This is a structured, supervised training program tailored for the kids ages AND the particular sports that they play.   They are extremely knowledgable about anatomy, physiology and proper training techniques.   I was a D1 athlete and have been around a lot of professional trainers, and can tell you they are the real deal.   They are absolutely not about the stereotypical "body building" programs to see how much iron they can throw around.   Jason and his team have put together age appropriate full body conditioning routines that the kids work through at their own pace and get taught proper techniques to build core body strength, balance and flexibility and how to avoid injury.    We have decided to keep our son in the program even though he is back in his sport season and in school because of the quality of the people at Red Zone, the results we have seen in our son,  and because he enjoys going.   If you are parents like us who believe that our kids don't get enough activity / exercise riding their bikes to the ball field or play ground with other kids like our generation did, then Red Zone is definitely a terrific option to consider."   
Steve Bakos
Diablo, CA

How we help your athlete?

Our Athletic Development program, is designed to enhance athletic development in your athlete by focusing on what most team sport programs/coaches do not.  Our strength and conditioning training program was developed to help athletes of all ages become better, stronger, faster, and more injury resistant.  We work with athletes from all sports such as, baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, football, swimming and baseketball to name a few. We believe that your performance during play will always default to your level of training, which is why our mantra is Train Hard...Play Easy!

Not a current competitive athlete??  Our Athletic Development program will get you on the path to becoming more athletic.  By focusing on Coordination, Strength, and Conditioning your body will become better at sports and you will gain the confidence to participate.

Why Red Zone Training?

Red Zone Training does not teach sports specific material, we let their sports coaches, who specialize in that area, do that.  Red Zone Training improves athlete strength and power, and helps them to move better, faster and longer.  With competitve sports becoming more and more year round endeavors, you need a program to work on all the other elements that your athlete is not getting from their sport.  You need a program that is going to help keep them healthy and help to undue all the over use aspects from the demands of their sport.  You need a program to help build a better, stonger, faster athlete, because sport practices do not have the time, nor equipment and ability to all of those things.  You need a program that develops your athlete so that their coaches can make them better at their sport.  We take each athlete's sport into consideration when designing their program, as well as where they are in their season, where they are physically and biologically.

"I was with RedZone Training for about 8 years. I was a pretty big 6th grader and was looking for a way to control my weight. At the time, there were not many kid-friendly gyms in the Tri-Valley or the East Bay for that matter. I joined in the summer, and my life was changed. Jason Wong was one of the funniest people I have met. I became comfortable with the kids in my classes, even though I was the biggest and slowest. There was something about the kids and coaches that there was never a bad day. Even on the hard days. That still applied to every day I went in. As my career at RedZone continued, my relationship with the coaches grew stronger than some of my family members. Like actually. There are few people that know me better as well. Overall, I don't know what I would have done without RedZone. They made me the best version of me that I could be and the coaches treat everyone like family. There are no trainers that care more for the well being of you/ your athlete than the people at RedZone Training." - Max S., San Ramon